Dr. Etim Frank is of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in University of Uyo whose deep insight into Political and Administrative Theories has made him a prefered voice in Conferences. Below are some of such conference.

Theme: Review of the Conduct of Political Parties in the 2019 General Elections

NIPSS Annual Summit of Political Parties and Stakeholder | May, 2-3rd 2019, Ibeto Hotels Gudu Abuja Participant/Discussant.

Theme: Dialogue on current Security challenges in Nigeria: Towards an all-inclusive national strategy

4th Eminent Persons and Expert Group Meeting (EEGM) 2016-National Institute, Kuru, November 27-30, 2016. Participant/Discussant.

Federalism and the Challenges of a Dynamic Equilibrium in Nigeria’s Federal System: Towards a National Strategy

The National Institute, Kuru –Think-Tank May 30, 2017, Abuja. Participant/Discussant.

Paper Presented: Defining the Key Aspects of Diplomacy Through Quality Administration in Crisis Management

2015 Training and Induction Ceremony of Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management. Theme: Effectiv Communication within the ambit of Diplomacy and Administration.

Paper Presented: Administrative Strategies in the Management of Human Resources and Conflict Resolution

IPDM 2016 Training/Induction Lecture. The Civil Service Auditorium, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, 2016. Theme: Building a Stronger Public Service Operation using Diplomacy as a Tool for Good Governance.

Leadership and Diversification of the Nigerian Economy: The Political Economy Perspective

Frank, E. O.(2019) | In Managing Nigeria Economic Diversification: Lessons from other Climes Edited by P.L. Akpan & Ors (2019) Awka: SCOA Heritage publishers pp 691-698 2019 International Conference of FMS-Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.

Paper presented: Facing the Future

Frank, E. O. (2018) | At the 5th Triennial Delegate Conference of PENGASSAN NPSC/PPMC/ML Hqtr. Chapter –Abuja

Paper-Based and E-Procurement Systems: Implications for Corruption and Development in Nigeria

Frank, E. O.& K. U. Ebong (2018) | 32 Nigerian Political Science Association conference- Calabar, 32nd Annual Conference – Nigerian Political Science Association – Calabar 2018.

Sustainable Development in the Digital Age: A Recipe for Nigeria Information and Communication Technologies for Governance in Nigeria: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

Frank, E.O. (2016)| Proceedings of the 3rd Covenant University Conference on E-Governance in Nigeria (CUCEN 2016) Edited by A.A.Adebiyi, Patience Akpanobong et alpp 192 – 2020

Challenges of E-Governance Implementation in Nigeria: An Analysis Theory of e-readiness 4 e-governance

Frank, E. O. (2015) | In Proceedings 2015 Covenant University Conference on E-Governance in Nigeria (CUCEN) 2015), June 10 -12 (Ed) Moses Duriji & Alabipp 62 -7

Exploring the role of Diplomacy in the Generation and the Resolution of Conflict

Frank, E. O. (2014) | At the training and Induction ceremony of Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management, November 15, 2014 Spring Hall Capital House , Anthony Village Lagos

Problems and Prospects of Education in Nigeria

Frank, E.O. (2011) | In ‘Education Today International’ Vol.2 (2) pp.22-23

Calabar Christmas Carnival: Threats and Opportunities

Frank, E. O. (2000) | In MOFI-NEWS Journal of the Ministry of Finance Calabar Special Edition- MOFI-NEWS @ 10 pp.17-18.

Sustaining Calabar Christmas Carnival

Frank, E. O. (2009) | In MOFI-NEWS Journal of Ministry of Finance Calabar Cross River State Vol. 9(5) pp. 36-3

Emerging Societal Challenges and Nigeria's Sustainability: The Governance Perspective.

A Keynote Address on the Maiden National Conference, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit. 16th-19th March 2021

Strength of Diplomacy in Building Contemporary Administrative and Management Systemm in Public and Private Organisations

A Lecture at the 2021 Induction of the Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management.




Political Science/Public Administration
Faculty of Social Science, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria