Dr. Etim Frank is of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in University of Uyo whose deep insight into Political and Administrative Theories has made him a prefered voice in Conferences. Below are some of such conference.



As a professional Consultant, he is versed in the art of studying organizational problems against their established .vision, outputs and impact, then helping the organizations to identify, the variables and skills required, and making them work differently to meet its clientele's expectations. This is what he has been doing to add values to many organizations through the following management Consulting firms;
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Theme: Review of the Conduct of Political Parties in the 2019 General Elections

NIPSS Annual Summit of Political Parties and Stakeholder | May, 2-3rd 2019, Ibeto Hotels Gudu Abuja Participant/Discussant.

Theme: Dialogue on current Security challenges in Nigeria: Towards an all-inclusive national strategy

4th Eminent Persons and Expert Group Meeting (EEGM) 2016-National Institute, Kuru, November 27-30, 2016. Participant/Discussant.

Federalism and the Challenges of a Dynamic Equilibrium in Nigeria’s Federal System: Towards a National Strategy

The National Institute, Kuru –Think-Tank May 30, 2017, Abuja. Participant/Discussant.

Paper Presented: Defining the Key Aspects of Diplomacy Through Quality Administration in Crisis Management

2015 Training and Induction Ceremony of Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management. Theme: Effectiv Communication within the ambit of Diplomacy and Administration.

Paper Presented: Administrative Strategies in the Management of Human Resources and Conflict Resolution

IPDM 2016 Training/Induction Lecture. The Civil Service Auditorium, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, 2016. Theme: Building a Stronger Public Service Operation using Diplomacy as a Tool for Good Governance.

Leadership and Diversification of the Nigerian Economy: The Political Economy Perspective

Frank, E. O.(2019) | In Managing Nigeria Economic Diversification: Lessons from other Climes Edited by P.L. Akpan & Ors (2019) Awka: SCOA Heritage publishers pp 691-698 2019 International Conference of FMS-Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.

Paper presented: Facing the Future

Frank, E. O. (2018) | At the 5th Triennial Delegate Conference of PENGASSAN NPSC/PPMC/ML Hqtr. Chapter –Abuja

Paper-Based and E-Procurement Systems: Implications for Corruption and Development in Nigeria

Frank, E. O.& K. U. Ebong (2018) | 32 Nigerian Political Science Association conference- Calabar, 32nd Annual Conference – Nigerian Political Science Association – Calabar 2018.

Sustainable Development in the Digital Age: A Recipe for Nigeria Information and Communication Technologies for Governance in Nigeria: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

Frank, E.O. (2016)| Proceedings of the 3rd Covenant University Conference on E-Governance in Nigeria (CUCEN 2016) Edited by A.A.Adebiyi, Patience Akpanobong et alpp 192 – 2020

Challenges of E-Governance Implementation in Nigeria: An Analysis Theory of e-readiness 4 e-governance

Frank, E. O. (2015) | In Proceedings 2015 Covenant University Conference on E-Governance in Nigeria (CUCEN) 2015), June 10 -12 (Ed) Moses Duriji & Alabipp 62 -7

Exploring the role of Diplomacy in the Generation and the Resolution of Conflict

Frank, E. O. (2014) | At the training and Induction ceremony of Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management, November 15, 2014 Spring Hall Capital House , Anthony Village Lagos

Problems and Prospects of Education in Nigeria

Frank, E.O. (2011) | In ‘Education Today International’ Vol.2 (2) pp.22-23

Calabar Christmas Carnival: Threats and Opportunities

Frank, E. O. (2000) | In MOFI-NEWS Journal of the Ministry of Finance Calabar Special Edition- MOFI-NEWS @ 10 pp.17-18.

Sustaining Calabar Christmas Carnival

Frank, E. O. (2009) | In MOFI-NEWS Journal of Ministry of Finance Calabar Cross River State Vol. 9(5) pp. 36-3

Emerging Societal Challenges and Nigeria's Sustainability: The Governance Perspective.

A Keynote Address on the Maiden National Conference, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit. 16th-19th March 2021

Strength of Diplomacy in Building Contemporary Administrative and Management Systemm in Public and Private Organisations

A Lecture at the 2021 Induction of the Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management.




Political Science/Public Administration
Faculty of Social Science, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria